Why 29er Mountain Bike Is Perfect For You

What is 29ers Mountain Bike

This is a mountain bike designed to run on a 700 CC. Wow, this is exciting, right? In other words, it is a bike with 29-inch wheel size. 29ers or two-niners are mountain bikes with big wheel size where the rims rims have a diameter of 622 millimetres bike tire is  59-622 (in ISO notation). On the other hand 26 or 27.5 inch mountain bikes has smaller wheels. And the thing is mountain bikes with larger wheels go faster than ones with smaller wheels. 

Because of its rapid popularity, the traditional 26- inch fanatics are singing “26 ain’t dead” anthem of skepticism. So why are these larger wheels mountain bikes so popular? Can you switch from 26 or 27.5 to a 29er? Well, let us find out. 

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Benefits of Using 29er Mountain Bikes

Using bigger wheels mountain bikes has a lot of advantages than the standard bike. We have researched and and take lot of buyers opinions and finally this expert review guide will answer all of your questions.

It Has Less Rolling Friction

This simply means that a 29ers can maintain its momentum a lot better than the 27.5 and the standard 26 inches.  So once you are up to speed, it’s wheels roll very efficiently. The standard bike has an acceleration advantage but does not maintain the speed properly. Furthermore, you will get more tired when it comes to riding for long distances using a standard 26 inches bike.

Better Traction

Because larger wheels have more ground contact, they tend to increase the traction. Furthermore, larger tires feature less air pressure that ends up increasing ground contact. Traction is significant, especially when it comes to cornering and climbing. Also, it gives you more control and stability as you ride across any terrain.

Why 29er mountain bike

Increased Ground Clearance

If you hate grinding over logs and rocks, you need to upgrade now. With a 29er bicycle, you will stumble upon such difficulties less often. Furthermore, the pedals are way higher than the standard 26inch bike. This means that the rocks and roots will hardly reach your foot as you ride. This feature alone contributes to more comfort as you ride on very rough terrains.

Better Obstacle Rollover

Obstacles will hit it at a lower point than that of a smaller wheel size mountain bike. Besides, when it’s at a lower point, the bike can roll over easily. This is one of the best reasons as to why a 29er wheels mountain bike is better than 27.5 or 26 inches.  Furthermore, it will be riding over monster rocks, logs, and roots. So, a 29er might be the best option for roll over obstacles.

Taller Than Standard Bikes

This feature benefits tall people the most. Tall people can use this bike comfortably. But, if you are short, this is definitely a drawback for you.

More Reasons Why 29er Is the Best

Why should I choose a 29er mountain bike? This is a very common question that has been surrounded by a lot of controversies. In fact, it has created another rivalry among the riders.  Just like the full suspension vs. hard trail rivalry.

Comfortable and Fun

29ers are more fun than the others. This is because more speed with less effort translates into more fun. Besides, who doesn’t want a bike that they can use even in very rough terrains? 

Although they have Sluggish acceleration, it doesn’t mean that they are not playful. In addition, the 29inch bigger wheels provide a very smooth ride than its small wheels counterparts.

More Options

Nowadays, you can choose from several options available when it comes to the 29-inch version. Whether you want to customize the rims, frames, tire, or forks, the options are endless. At first, these options were rare to find, but now you can quickly get them. Also, putting together this bike is very easy hence translating to more fun. Another great advantage of this bike is that some companies, such as Niner, manufacture’s 29ers models compatible with the 27.5 wheels.

So if you are tore in between which bicycle to choose, then a 29er should beat your number one favorite. You can enjoy both the features of the larger wheels and the 27.5-inch bikes. Moreover, other options come in from other bikes such as the cyclocross, gravel, and road. All these versions share the same diameter as the29 inch wheels.

Faster On the Ups And Downs

The world cup downhill has now been occupied by 29er bikes than any other model. Both Enduro riders and downhillers saw its benefits, especially on the down trails. Other riders that were slow on making a switch to the 29ers did it eventually.

These big-wheeled bikes are faster on the ups and downs because they carry momentum finer. More word cup racers are embracing the larger wheels because they are more quickly on both the ups and downs. 

Less Likely To Sink In The Mud Or Sand

When it comes to riding on such terrains, this bicycle is the real deal. Riders claim that it’s the best to use since it will not sink as other bicycles do. This might seem like a small advantage, but trust me, it makes a big difference. You will never have to worry about riding on a rainy season or across the beach. Also, if you like exploring the deserts on a bike, then there is no better bike to use than the 29er.

You Can Corner At Higher Speeds

Apart from having the best cruising speeds, these bicycles are also good at cornering. Smaller bicycles are good at maneuverability, but when it comes to cornering speeds, nothing can beat the 29ers . Furthermore, this feature alone is enough for racers to use it during competitions. Nothing can match the abilities of this big-wheeled bicycle when it comes to long distances, corners, and tough terrains.

Best For Long Distances

If you are planning on cycling for a long distance, then you need something that won’t get you tired quickly. A 29-inch bicycle is the best to use for this reason. This is because once it gets momentum, it will maintain it over a very long distance.  Conversely, a small wheeled bicycle such as the standard 26 inches is very tiresome. You have to pedal it hard, or otherwise, it will slow down and eventually stop.

29-inch larger wheel have a more significant momentum; hence the only time that you will use a lot of effort is as you take off. Then after that, you will not struggle to pedal as it can maintain a constant speed. This feature is great because it saves long-distance riders from getting tired too quickly.


If you want a bike that is stable on any terrain, then this might Bethe best for you. A 29-inch bicycle is very stable because of its wide contact with the ground.  Furthermore, the frames make it’s heavier, allowing it to hold firm to the ground even on the slippery roads. Because it features strong frames and larger wheel, this bicycle can carry heavy people.

Some Drawbacks

As we all know, everything in this world has got its own advantages and disadvantages. The big-wheeled 29er mountain bikes are not an exception. Let us look at some of its drawbacks.

They Weigh More

It’s undeniable that the bigger the wheel, the more it weighs. For example, most of them weigh two pounds more than the standard 26er mountain bike. Apart from the wheels, the frame components of a 29er mountain bike contribute to the extra weight too.  Of course, larger wheel will use bigger frame components.

Higher Stand Over Height

Unfortunately, due to the larger wheel, the 29er mountain bike features a higher stand over height. For example, if you are less than 5′ 6,” it won’t be easy for you when it comes to riding this big-wheeled machine. So for smaller riders the height of 29er can be an issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy One?

These bicycles have become very common, so they are available across many online and offline stores. However, I recommend buying one from Amazon trusted dealers. It offers one of the best deals when it comes to bicycles.  

Does A 29er Climb Better?

This bicycle is very good when it comes to up hills. Although big wheels make it heavier and slow, you will climb faster compared to someone on small wheels, especially on a rough surface. It’s fair to say that the small wheels handle the smooth hills better while the 29er is best for the rough surfaces.

How Much Faster Is A 29er Than A 26er?

In an experiment carried out back in 2011 by 10 racers, 29ers finished 7.5 seconds before the 26-inch bikes. Interestingly, the 29ers did not work as hard as their small-wheeled counterparts. However, at the time this study was carried out, the 27.5-inch bicycles had not been introduced yet. In short  

Can I Upgrade My 26 Inches To A 29er?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to upgrade from a standard 26 inch to a 29 inch. This is because the support frames are designed to support different sizes. I recommend purchasing a new one. But some 27.5 can be customized to use bigger wheels.

Final thoughts

The main reason why the 29er mountain bikes are excellent is that it has a better obstacle rollover. So every rock, hole, or root that you hit will just seem to get smaller. Also, it is good at maintaining the momentum; hence the rider does not need to use a lot of energy. It’s even more fun and faster on both the ups and downs. In fact, most world cup riders have embraced the 29er mountain bikes because of their better traction and cruising speeds.  So if you are looking to have more fun while riding in any kind of terrain the consider getting yourself a 29ers. 

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  1. The 29’r is not for everyone and it never will be for everyone but it is good for racing if your a racer you’ll love it if you want fun buy a 27.5/650b wheeled bike fun forever!


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