What we do

Bicycle reviews- We review the best bicycles per each category giving you our honest opinions about them. Moreover, we also analyze feedback from different riders across the world so as to determine what to recommend to you. We also interview different industry masters and sellers for their opinion on the same.

Gear reviews- Bicycling is a very wide field than what most people see it. The gears alone are enough proof. They come in different types, materials, prices, and for different reasons. This is enough to confuse a new entry buyer and some industry lever experts. Luckily enough, we have all the time to spend while researching the best products for you.

Expert buying guidesAs a beginner in this industry, there are so many features that you need to understand. Otherwise, choosing the right bike for you will not be an easy task. But, you should not worry since Bikesummo, in partnership with some of the best research freelancers in the world have prepared a library of the best buying guides.

Tutorials- Bikesummo also has tutorials to boost that will boost your riding skills. On top of that, these tutorials will help you to have as much fun you can. For example, terrain, tours, repairs and design tutorials

Fitness training- When it comes to fitness bikes, bikessummo offers great tips on how to stay on top of the game.

Why we do it

We love helping other people in this industry for fun. Our happiness comes when we see satisfied riders across the world. Furthermore, we write this blog so as to bring all the brains together of top-level experts to find the best products in the market and solve common problems that are faced by you.

We also value the fitness and well-being of people that love bicycles. That’s why we share important safety and fitness tips with the bicycle fanatics.

Our core values

  • Honesty
  • Transparency


Meet the blogger

Mohammad Sayem

Hi, my name is Mohammad Sayem, a fulltime freelancer and an IT graduate at the University of Greenwich UK.  Any time that I am not behind the screen working, you will find me on the streets or the fields racing with my friends. Bicycling is like the other half of me, and I would like to share as much knowledge as I can with you.

My main goal is to make this website a big community for all the bicycle enthusiasts out there. If you want to receive updates from this website, subscribe to our free newsletter. I promise you that we will send you important updates only. You can also contact us for any inquiries. Thank you for visiting this page, we appreciate you.